How to do the basic juggling trick "3-ball cascade"

This page shows you how to perform a typical juggling trick called "3-ball cascade," which is the basis of various juggling techniques. Please give it a try!


Step 1: Warm up with one ball

Hold the ball in your right hand and throw it to your left.

Throw the ball in a circular motion, slightly over the top of your head.

Once you can successfully throw the ball with your right hand, practice throwing the ball from your left hand to right hand in the same way.


Step 2: Get used to the rhythm with two balls

Hold the ball in both hands.

Throw the ball in your right hand to left hand. And before you catch it, throw the ball in your left hand to right hand.

Note that when you throw the ball in your left hand, throw it through the inside of the pile of balls coming from your right hand.

Stop when you catch both.Practice throwing with “Right, and Left" in a rhythmic manner.

*When you get used to it, practice “Left, and Right" starting from the left hand in the same way.


Step 3: Finally, challenge three

Hold two balls in your right hand and one ball in your left hand.

Throw one ball in the right hand to the left hand.

Before it falls, throw the ball in the left hand to the right hand.

Now all you need to do is to keep throwing the balls alternately, using the combination of “Right, and Left" and “Left, and Right" that you did in step 2, and the "cascade" is complete!


Key Points for Progress

  • Instead of practicing three-balls frantically, repeat the one-ball and two-ball exercises (Step 1 and Step 2). It may seem like a roundabout way, but that is the fastest way to improve.

  • In Step 1 and Step 2, it is also a good idea to drop the ball intentionally without catching it and carefully check the height and trajectory of the ball you throw. First of all, try to focus your attention on the throw rather than the catch.

  • Once you get to step 3, we recommend practicing "do it as times as you can repeat, and stop before you drop it". By gradually increasing the number of repetitions, you will learn more efficiently.

You can stop after two or three throws.

The important thing is not to rush, but to learn step by step.

If you practice a little bit a day, you will be able to do it in a few days at the earliest, or in a month or so at the slowest.

Enjoy practicing as if you were doing a fitness class!


Balls made for juggling

Juggling can be practiced with a tennis ball, but it is not very efficient because it is too light in weight and it bounces and scatters every time it is dropped.

We recommend practicing with a juggling-specific ball if possible.

For beginners, we recommend a ball called a "Beanbag".

It is made of cloth and filled with a good amount of grain, so it is comfortable to hold and does not roll away when dropped.

PM Juggling sells handmade beanbags. It will be your partner to enjoy juggling for a long time after you have mastered the cascade. We hope you'll try it out!

"Beanbag" product page


Let's go to the next step!

There are many other techniques in juggling besides the cascade.

It is a good idea to practice other techniques in parallel with practicing the cascade

On the next page, we will show you a variety of basic juggling tricks!

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