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PM Juggling's original bean bag.

A beanbag is a ball filled with grain or other contents inside a fabric. It is widely used as a standard juggling ball because it is soft and does not roll even if dropped.

PM Juggling's beanbags are made of highly durable synthetic leather with a moderate grip on the surface. The bag is filled with fine grains known as birdseed, which provide a soft and comfortable feel in the palm of the hand.

Three sizes are available: S, M, and L. Each size is mainly recommended for the following people.

Size S

People who are just starting juggling, children, and women

Size M

For men and experienced jugglers

Size L

For experienced jugglers and those who are particular about 3-ball juggling

For those who are not sure about the size, or for beginners, we recommend the S size, which is less stressful on the body. Please start with a size that is comfortable for you.

All PM Juggling beanbags are handmade in Japan. There may be a slight difference in appearance, but we hope you will enjoy it as a texture. We carefully produce each bag one by one with the image of something that can be enjoyed by those close to you.

This is the most basic juggling ball that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to professionals.

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S 68mm 120g
M 70mm 135g
L 72mm 150g


From left to right: S, M, L

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