PM Juggling is a small juggling shop based in Japan since 2014.

We sell our handmade props in our online shop and at events.


Props to make juggling more fun

Juggling is an art, a sport and a tool of expression that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

Nowadays, many people around the world enjoy juggling as a hobby.

On the other hand, all people get stuck at times.

You may get bored practicing alone, get stuck technically, change your environment, or don't have time to practice...

PM Juggling would like to be a supporter of those people, in a small way.

Handmade props to make juggling more fun.

Please don't close off the possibility of your juggling.

We want you to continue to enjoy juggling forever.

It would be our pleasure if we could help you through our props.



PM Juggling mainly makes balls and rings.

Juggling props are made by many different manufacturers around the world, and the good props are already there are many.

We think about the props that only an independent manufacturer can make. And we make props while meeting with many jugglers.

As a juggler, not a craftsman, while remaining connected to the wider world of juggling.

We cater to everyone who enjoys juggling, from beginners to professionals.

We're working on props that fit individual styles and concepts that have never seen before.

『7 Different Size Rings』
for Jay Gilligan

『Spinning plate INNE』(Production Collaboration)
for Masa

『PM Soft Russian Ball Clear』
for B.J SCHOOL / Daggle KOMEI

『Suede Beanbag』
for Nagamekurasitsu

『Furry Ball』
for  Mimizu Nakanishi


『PM Ball』
for Juggling Dance Studio tasse

『Wooden Rings』
for Arttu Lahtinen

 for Hirotaka Fukui


『Clear Ring』


『Remake Beanbag』
for Daggle Komei

In addition to the above, we produce a variety of other props on a daily basis.

Among them, we commercialize and sell the ones that have received a good response and can be made consistently.

To make props is to make friends

I have been juggling for 20 years.

Although I have been doing juggling for a long time, I didn't have a particular prop that I am good at, I have not  joined a large juggling community.

I was shy, and even though I attended the occasional event, I didn't really get into the circle. I just felt that juggling I liked it and continued to do it.

(At Japan Juggling Festival 2006)

I started making props, and I got something to offer for other jugglers. It was connected me to the jugglers community.

To make props is an important communication tool for me.

As a juggler, it is a great pleasure to connect with people who enjoy juggling.

(At Japan Juggling Festival 2019)



PM Juggling is a project in which Daigo, the owner, basically does everything from production to shipping by himself. Naoya, editor of Japanese Juggling Magazine PONTE, supports the overseas communications. We have been assisted by variety of other people with each project and prop.

Daigo Itatsu(Owner / Creator)

Daigo Itatsu was born in 1983. Since his childhood, he has played with various skill toys such as Kendama and Yoyo, finally to find toss juggling in 1998. After graduating from university, being inspired by pizza spinning performance he saw on TV, he founded online pizza spinning rubber retail store “PIZZAMAWASHI.COM”, and was committed to spread pizza spinning in Japan. Some years later, he decided to put more emphasis on juggling, and founded a juggling project “PM Juggling” in 2014. PM Juggling aims to make props and to plan projects, precisely able to be done by an individual.


Naoya Aoki(Overseas communications / from PONTE)

Naoya Aoki was born in 1991. Since 2012, he has visited more than 15 countries for juggling events. Once he flied to South Korea on the same day as he came back from Holland, once he spent a few weeks as a manager at a hostel in Singapore, and once in 2018, he kept hopping from a generous juggler friends’ place to another, having cheap noodles, to spend almost no money for bed and stayed for a month and a half in Europe. All for juggling events. He is “Japanese Juggling Magazine: PONTE” Chief Editor since 2014. Since October 2018, he has been helping to promote PM Juggling projects to wider audiences including overseas.


At the European Juggling Convention 2019.
With Fuji, who is making the PM Ball cases for the PONTE project.