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SpinningDough Kids

SpinningDough Kids

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PM Juggling original kids' rubber.

By reducing the size and weight while maintaining the quality of the SpinningDough, which reproduces the softness typical of pizza dough, we have achieved the most affordable price among pizza spinning rubbers. This rubber can be easily thrown by children and women, making it the perfect introduction or trial for pizza spinning.

The size of 28 cm is rather small for a pizza spinning dough, but since it is close to the size of real pizza dough, it is widely used for teaching materials in restaurants and for events. This small and cute rubber can be used by both children and adults for a variety of purposes.

Diameter: 28cm
Weight: 200g

※Our recommended age range is 7 years and older. Parents and guardians are advised to take precautions to prevent small children from consuming the product.

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