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This is a droplet-shaped cue ball produced for the juggling project "IJU KEIKAKU TOKYO 2024 "Versatile"

Compared to spherical beanbags, SIZUKU stands on its own and looks cute.

Made of the same material as beanbags (synthetic leather + millet), it can also be used for technical juggling.

SIZUKU is an inspirational and versatile beanbag.


Image of size

S size is for objects on a desk, etc.

M size is for use in juggling with multiple pieces (similar to the M size of a typical beanbag).

L size has a strong presence and is suitable for use on stage.

The 3 sizes are also cute when placed together.


Product Details

S size
Width: approx. 58mm
Height: approx. 110mm
Weight: approx. 105g

M size
Width: approx. 65mm
Height: approx. 125mm
Weight: approx. 150g

L size
Width: approx. 83mm
Height: approx. 150mm
Weight: approx. 275g


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