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PM Soft Russian Ball

PM Soft Russian Ball

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This is a softer version of PM Russian balls. PM Russian ball already has nice soft shell, but this soft Russian ball has even softer shell, which adds following features to the ball.

-It transforms easily, which makes it easier to catch.
-Soft and elastic surface allows you to catch them even more easily.
-Less rolling, less chasing after dropped balls (yet it’s still possible to roll it on the body).

Of course it’s washable with water.

Among all the good things, just one downside is that you have to treat them carefully to avoid dimples on it. When not using the balls for a certain time, store them separately and don’t cram them into a bag. If you find any dimple on the ball, try warming it up with a hairdryer and then leave it on a soft surface, for example, a bed. It will erase the dimple.

You might have never experienced this softness with juggling balls, and it may not be for everyone, but once you fall in love with the PM soft Russian balls, it feels like they became part of your body, and they will be the only choice for your juggling.


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