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PM Ring - 2023 edition

PM Ring - 2023 edition

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PM Juggling's original handmade rings were started with the desire to create rings in the ideal size.

The ring is made of carefully selected Japanese plastic.

In addition to its high durability, it has a matte, smooth surface that fits well in the hand and a natural color with a slight transparency, giving it a high quality not seen in rings to date.

The ring is 4mm thick, which is a heavier and more solid throw than the thickness of a typical ring (3.5mm).

Each piece is carefully shaved and manufactured one by one for flexible size adjustment and edge treatment.

Custom-made size changes are also available.


Features of the 2023 edition

The PM Ring has a 2015 edition (formerly the Basic model), but this is a new model that has been sized for 2023.

The diameter is smaller and the grip is wider than the 2015 edition, making it closer to the size of a typical normal ring.

When we first developed the 2015 edition, we adjusted the size of the large rings to find potential for body rolls tricks, but in recent years, many jugglers use normal size rings for body rolls (or any technique that involves contact with the body), so we adjusted the size to better suit the current juggling style.

The balance of the PM Ring has been adjusted to make it lighter and more comfortable to use, without changing the firmness of the original PM Ring's characteristics.

For those who normally use normal size rings, the 2023 edition will be more comfortable to use than the 2015 edition.

Based on feedback from jugglers in Japan and abroad, this new edition is more versatile.

NOTICE: This is a made-to-order product. It will take 4 weeks before shipping after confirmation of your order.


The 2015 edition (formerly Basic model) is still available. Recommended for those who prefer a larger size.


The 2023 edition overlaid on the 2015 edition


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