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Set of 3 PM mini

Set of 3 PM mini

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Juggling Balls for beginners made by PM Juggling.

This ball is low-priced, yet sturdy and easy to throw, making it easy for beginners.

This set of 3 is recommended for beginners. For customers who would like to combine colors and number of pieces as desired, we also sell them individually.

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The shell of the ball is made of a shiny, soft material (PVC) and is half filled with a grain known as birdseed.

The grain flows in the ball and has the effect of sinking into the palm of the hand, making it easy to catch.

Because it is small, light, and soft, it is less stressful on the body, and both children and adults can enjoy juggling with it.

When soiled, the ball can be washed in water, so it can be played outdoors without hesitation.



When beginning juggling, the main choices nowadays are the "beanbag," a cue ball type, and the "Russian ball," a ball with sand inside a plastic shell.

Both are good balls, but when considering them for beginners...

・Beanbags are not peculiar and are recommended for beginners, but the price is a little high.

・Russian balls are inexpensive, but they are too peculiar for beginners.

There are two sides to the coin.

Therefore, we have produced the PM mini as a ball that moves more naturally while keeping costs down by adopting the structure of the Russian ball.

This ball is priced to be easy for those who just want to try juggling for a while, yet it is well made from a juggler's point of view.

You can learn the basics with natural movements that have few peculiarities, and you can continue to use it for a wide range of juggling style.

As you progress, you can move up to a full-fledged beanbag or Russian ball according to your style and preference, or you can of course continue to use the PM mini as is.

We also recommend this ball for use in workshops and juggling classes.

We hope you will enjoy juggling with PM mini at home or in the park!


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