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PM Big Russian Ball

PM Big Russian Ball

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This big size (89mm) ball is perfect for jugglers with a style that mixes toss and contact.

The soft shell is half filled with highly fluid grain (birdseed), creating a natural balance between rolling and stalling.

At 170g with a Russian effect, it will feel quite heavy. It is not suitable for tossing only, and is recommended for those who use stalls and body rolls to some extent.

It may also be used in stage juggling where using a stage ball is too risky.

This ball allows you to feel the firm weight of the ball as you work with your body.


Juggler: Takashi Ichikawa


Product Details

Diameter: 89mm
Weight: 170g
Filling: Birdseed

*If you are mainly interested in toss juggling and would like to reduce the weight, we can make it lighter up to 100g. Please feel free to contact us.


Size Comparison

Left: PM Soft Russian Ball (72mm)
Right: PM Big Russian Ball

left: Bean bag M size (70mm)
Right: PM Big Russian Ball

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