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PM Ball Pro

PM Ball Pro

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This “PM Pro” ball has very soft and elastic shell filled with special plastic beads. The shell is incredibly soft, but the filling helps it to maintain the shape, so gripping feels always the same. There is a calculated gap between the filling and the shell which makes catching smooth and very comfortable.

Since it’s filled almost full with beads, it rolls very naturally. This feature enables you to do both toss juggling and contact juggling smoothly. It’s washable with water, and speaking of durability, this is one of the best. PM Pro is nicely designed not only for seasoned jugglers, but also for beginners.

Try our new PM Pro balls now!

*This product will be made after your order, so it will take about a week before shipping.
*Name was changed from “Standard” to “Pro” in July 2019

【Product Details】
Filling:Plastic beads

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