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PM Ball

PM Ball

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(From left to right) Gray, Green, White, Blue, Pink

This is a simple juggling ball that is safe and enjoyable for all levels of jugglers.

The soft stage ball type ball is moderately filled with birdseeds and has a low resilience comfortable grip.

You can choose from 5 colors that are not too much like juggling balls in a good way, but have a gentle texture.

Because of it's smooth matte surface, it is easy to get dirty when used outside, but you can wash the whole thing with water. If you're mainly using it outside, we recommend the Gray or Green color, which doesn't show up dirty.

The quality of the PM Ball series is intact, and for those who are just starting out with juggling. The new standard model from PM Juggling, in an affordable size and price.

We hope many people will enjoy the world of juggling!


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