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otomodama (set of 3)

otomodama (set of 3)

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(From left to right) White, Yellow, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Purple, Beige.


otomodama is a small juggling ball that is designed to fit into your life.

This item is sold in a set of 3 (box included). You can order 3 in the same color or 3 in different colors.

If you would like to order 3 in different colors, please select "Different colors". And please write 3 colors to ORDER NOTE in the cart page.  (e.g. Beige, Gray, Purple)


A drawstring case for carrying the otomodama (1,800 yen) is available as an option. This is a handmade case made to fit the otomodama. It can hold up 5 otomodama.

If you would like to purchase 3 or more, you can add them to your order for 1,800 yen per item. (The price per unit is the same as if you had purchased them individually.

▶ otomodama (1 piece)

Story of otomodama

Photo by Tatsuru Someya

otomodama was created for an act for juggling omnibus stage "Himitsukichi vol.10"

The director, Hirotaka Fukui, planned an act to demonstrated and sold the juggling props on stage. He asked us to make a ball that audience would really want. We worked together to complete this otomodama as an act, and otomodama as a prop.


Like interior

The surface fabric is made of Ultrasuede®, a premium material made in Japan. The soft texture and color of the ultra-fine fibers blend in naturally with your interior. The extraordinary feeling and exciting presence of the juggling ball is still intact, and it will naturally become a part of the room.

Take with you

It is so small and light that you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag. You can enjoy juggling quickly everywhere. It may even be useful as a communication tool. We hope you'll also experience the fun of having a juggling with you at all times!

With props

Juggling prop is more time not being juggled than time being juggled. When we suddenly realized that, we felt a sense of sadness. But now, we think there's potential to make tools more accessible, and there's room for us to try. We want to spread the excitement and surprise of juggling into various parts of our lives. One such attempt is this otomodama. Please take a copy in your hands :)

Photo by Hirotaka Fukui

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