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(From left to right) White, Yellow, Green, Gray, Turquoise, Purple, Beige


Tiny, cute, and miniature sized beanbags.

The surface fabric is made of Toray's "Ultrasuede". The soft texture and coloring blend well with room interiors.

It is filled with fine grains inside the ball. The soft grip is comfortable and the ball hardly rolls away even when dropped.

The balls can be stacked and played with on a desk, or left as is as an object of art.

It can also be used outside. However, they do get dirty to some extent, so we recommend darker colors such as gray, turquoise, and purple for those who mainly use them outdoors.

Juggling balls tend to remain in bags, but we encourage you to place the otomodama where you can see it on a regular basis. We hope you will experience the joy of having juggling as a natural part of your daily life. 

【Product Details】


*Please allow about 1 week for shipping due to the handmade nature of this product.


Production Episodes

Photo by Tatsuru Someya

otomodama is a ball created for the work of the omnibus juggling performance “Himitsukichi vol. 10" in 2019. For the performance, "Juggling tools to be demonstrated and sold," we came up with the idea to create a real product! The ball was created with the help of director Hirotaka Fukui, who shared his ideas.

Title: "otomodama"
Direction: Hirotaka Fukui
Performed and sold by: Ritsu Iwata
Product : PM Juggling


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