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Spinning plate INNE

Spinning plate INNE

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Designed by “the master of plate spinning” Masa. The dream plate for plate spinning.


For a long time, there have been only a few choices for spinning plates in the market, and they were all cheap models for beginners. Advanced players have always been forced to modify plates somehow to better the balance, for example covering the edge with tubes to add extra weight. Now Masa, “the master of plate spinning” finally breaks through the situation. He designed a whole new generation of spinning plate from scratch. INNE naturally is the best plate for classic tricks, and furthermore, it opens up a whole new world of juggling with plate spinning.

Special features

The material used is hard and thin plastic. It has a thinner rim which allows the plate to spin much more stably and longer. The plate has a tiny dimple on the top which allows you to balance a stick on the center, or to put your finger nail on and balance it upside down. This feature helps you to create a whole new types of tricks.

Hard and thin plastic body is very stable when it spins. Yet, it is soft enough that it won’t break when dropped. Smooth and matte surface is very comfortable to touch, and it lends the plate a premium feel. Without spoiling the simple and beautiful look as a plate, all the unique features are put in one piece by moulding.


Design process

In spring 2015, Masa and PM Juggling decided to design a new plate for spinning. However, it was very hard to make a new plate from scratch on an individual level, so we talked with a local material manufacturing company Watanabe Model Makers in Wako city. Mr. Watanabe, the owner of the company was generous enough to gladly accept the offer to collaborate for Masa’s passion. Thus we started our journey for the best spinning plate together.

Mr. Watanabe

However, it was not an easy path. Even when the design on paper seems ideal, once it’s materialized and juggled, it can be far from what we intended. Juggling props are so delicate that even 1mm, or a few grams of difference affect a lot. According to Mr. Watanabe’s advice, Masa kept revising the design to optimize all the angles and sizes. Not only the shape, but also the texture of material was examined very carefully.

After over a year of research, finally we reached to a conclusion.
Here we proudly introduce, the ultimate spinning plate “INNE”. Masa, who pioneered a new world of plate spinning now creates the best tool for exploring the terra incognita.

There are still a lot to discover with this prop. We guarantee that INNE will be a very interesting prop even for jugglers who have never got into plate spinning. Try it now!

*This product does not come with a stick. Only plate.

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