Thank you and a look back at 2023

In the blink of an eye, we are nearing the end of the year 2023.

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with PM Juggling this year.  


Since I have not been able to summarize our activities here on the blog much, I would like to take a look back at PM Juggling's activities this past year.


Release of "PM mini"  

Introductory ball for beginners in April"PM mini"was released.

This is not a Beanbag or Russian ball, but an entry model unique by PM.

The price is kept low but performance is not compromised, making this the perfect ball for beginners.

Thankfully, we have received positive feedback from advanced players that the ball is "just right".


Participated in WJD Kyoto and Osaka

June is World Juggling Day (WJD), a day for jugglers around the world to enjoy juggling, and many events are held in Japan.

I participated in Kyoto and Osaka following last year.

Both events have a different intimacy than the national JJF and are the events I personally look forward to most during the year.


WJD in Kyoto

We also participated in WJD in Kyoto with an exhibition. (The picture of the two is with Kizoharu)

There were books, miscellaneous goods, and props related to juggling, and I think the exhibition was the hottest event in Japan!

I was able to talk with many of the other exhibitors and deepen my thoughts on juggling.


WJD in Osaka

WJD in Osaka has a large number of participants, so you can enjoy a wide range of interactions.

I was able to get to know some jugglers in Kansai whom I had never talked to before.

I really love the Kyoto and Osaka WJDs because they are really just the right size, and again, they are the events I look forward to most of the year.


Participated in Fukui Juggling Meeting 2023

In August, I participated in the Fukui Juggling Meeting.

Kizoharu of Kizoha Kobo, who had originally planned to open a booth, invited us to participate, and Yun, the chairperson of the organizing committee, graciously agreed to allow us to participate.

This is my first time participating and my first time in Fukui.

Yun's event management was excellent, and he naturally brought the participants closer together during the self-introduction time with games, which helped me a lot.

When I landed in Fukui, I felt "nothing..." (very rude), but by the time I left, I felt "Fukui is the so good!". 


 (Passing by the "Fukui Club" created by Mr. Kizoharu)


Start of "Kizo P Direct"

In October, I started "Kizo P Direct" a YouTube live-streaming project with Kizoharu.

Kizoharu and I hit it off as fellow juggling prop makers, and since last year we have been holding monthly online meetings called "Kizo-P-kai"

As an extension of this, we started Kizo P Direct to connect more directly with jugglers.

Although we are still in the process of getting our hands on it, we were able to distribute it 4 times in 2023.

The theme of Kizo P Direct is "Making Japan the hottest place in the world for juggling props!"

Japan has a high level of juggling skills and is blessed with an environment conducive to the production of props.

I feel that there is still a lot of potential related to props.

I would be happy if various kinds of communication can be created through props, and if the range of ways to enjoy juggling can be broadened.


"JUGGZINE" released

Juggling Magazine "JUGGZINE" was published in October.

It is a new juggling magazine created with the theme of "creating a place where people can get involved with juggling through writing.

Daigo of PM Juggling also participated as a member and contributed an article titled "Diary of a Juggler"

In JUGGZINE, there is daily loose interaction through online chats.

Knowing what other members think about juggling has deepened my own understanding of juggling and has had a very positive impact on my PM Juggling activities.


(We also had a camp in Kyoto in March)


Exhibit at JJF 2023 Tokyo

In October, we exhibited at JJF (Japan Juggling Festival), the largest juggling event in Japan.

This year, I mainly brought what I call "creative otedama", which look like a transformed beanbag (mainly in the shape of a club).


By having various people touch and play with the prop, we were able to feel more of its potential.

The 3 days of JJF are very intense, and it feels like a year's worth of interactions are packed in.

I was able to meet people who use PM's props and talk with super jugglers who participated from overseas.

I hear the term "JJF loss," and I too was stunned for a while, and it took me about 2 months to fully recover...


Aspirations for next year

"Creating a culture of Juggling"

Through activities at JUGGZINE and Kizo P Direct, I realized that what PM Juggling wants to do, and what we should do, is to create a culture of juggling.

I have always loved the people and activities that have been a source of new culture in juggling.

I would also like to create and send out my own juggling culture, even if it is small.

We will continue to work to make juggling more fun and fulfilling. We look forward to your continued support of PM Juggling in 2024.


Have a Happy New Year!


PM Juggling

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