Interviewed by "EX Taishu" magazine

I was interviewed by a magazine called "EX Taishu" and appeared in the December issue of the magazine, "Nogizaka46 Ichinose Misora's Imaginary Diary," which is currently on sale, as a teacher of pizza spinning.

Ichinose-san, to my surprise, had tried juggling before, and the day of the interview was a lot of fun.

She practiced very hard on the pizza spinning, and as one would expect from a stage performer...

I came back completely a fan.



I gave Ichinose 4 basic techniques for pizza spinning.

The two-page spread is structured in a way that could (thankfully) be considered a pizza-spinning-instruction.


I hope to spread the joy of pizza spinning and juggling!

"EX Taishu, December 2023."


PM Juggling

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