We will exhibit at "WJD in Kyoto 2023"!

We will exhibit at "WJD in Kyoto 2023" to be held on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at the Kyoto Eastern Culture Hall.

WJD stands for World Juggling Day, an event to celebrate the anniversary of the inauguration of IJA (International Juggling Association) and to enjoy juggling together.

On WJD Day, jugglers around the world enjoy various forms of juggling, with practice sessions being held in various locations and people posting commemorative videos.

(At last year's WJD in Osaka)

This year's WJD in Kyoto will feature practice sessions, exhibition space, and workshops under the theme "Let's get involved, all kinds of juggling"

PM Juggling will bring samples of all the balls we sell.

Please take this opportunity to compare and contrast the actual balls.


(This is just a rough image. I think the quantity will be smaller than this, but I will bring all kinds)


Requests and ideas for props are also welcome!

Kizoharu from "Kizoha Kobo", who also makes juggling props, will be at the event, so one of us will surely be able to give you some good ideas..


(Daigo from PM Juggling is on the left and Kizoharu-san is on the right. We hold a monthly meeting called "KIZO-P kai")

On the following day, Sunday, June 18, I will participate in "WJD in Osaka" as an individual.

As an individual, I am looking forward to interacting with many jugglers at each venue.

I would be happy if you feel free to talk to me!

PM Juggling
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