Exhibited at "Fukui Juggling Meeting 2023"

We have exhibited at "Fukui Juggling Meeting 2023" held on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

Kizoharu of Kizoha Kobo, who was originally scheduled to exhibit, approached us 10 days before the event, and Yun, the chair of the organizing committee, readily agreed to participate in the event, which was decided on short notice.

Personally, I was able to come to Fukui for the first time and was excited to juggle from the day before!


Meet and greet with Yun-san at the gym. He had prepared a stall for us, for which we are very grateful.

The opening of the event was marked by a high level of facilitation and uniqueness, including the creation of a self-introduction time with everyone in a circle and playing a game.

Most of the participants were high school and college students, so I was very grateful for that opening, which gave me a chance to join the circle.


PM Juggling exhibited with basic props this time. When exhibiting in a local area, I think it is important for jugglers to be exposed to the basic tools first.


I brought some PM mini with me as I was allowed to sell them at the gym.

It was hard to sell during the event, but for some reason, after the closing ceremony, many jugglers visited us to buy them as souvenirs. Thank you very much!


Exhibiting alongside Kizoha Kobo. We will cooperate to solve your prop problems!


The atmosphere of the event was heartwarming and nice from the opening to the end. The large gymnasium with a good number of people oozed a quality that could only come from an event of this size. I immediately felt glad that I had come.


Event "Daruma-san Dropped"

I was watching from the outside, and this was interesting! It was an eye opener.


Again, Yun's facilitation was wonderful...


A PM ball user approached me.

I'm so glad to hear from you in a place I've never been before...


Some of them used PM mini.

I should do our best to have more encounters like this.


Kizoharu's "Fukui Club" and "Juggling Fukui" have been created.

It was very funny.

The perfect balance of being able to juggle properly if you work hard stimulates everyone's desire to try.


Kizoharu-san and I also did some passing at the Fukui Club.


"Fukui Dream Match" in which 6 jugglers face off in a three-on-three match

The audience will be able to see a robust and high level of juggling at the end of the event.


This was my first time to participate, but everyone was very kind to me and I was able to experience firsthand the atmosphere and charm of juggling in Fukui.

Thank you to all the management and participants!


PM Juggling

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