"WJD in Kyoto 2023" Report

We exhibited at "WJD in Kyoto 2023" held on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at the Kyoto Eastern Culture Hall.

Here is a report on the day of the event!


The venue is "Kyoto City Eastern Culture Hall" which is about 20-30 minutes from Kyoto Station by train or bus. There are many buses in Kyoto city, and a Google Maps search from where I stayed showed that buses could get me there faster.

Exhibition hall and rest area on the left as you enter the hall.

The practice is located on the right.

Looking around the exhibition hall!

JJF and other flyers

Pintocle's "Funiochiru" and Ryo Atami's "Senzaiseino kemono"

PONTE, "Juggler's Adventure" and "Nagenai Futari" (in which I am also a member).

"HAGURUMA" and "AlGOLOOP" by Yosuke Ikeda

Kizoha Kobo's exhibition like a research presentation (!)

The theme is "Juggling tools loved by experts are easy to use for beginners"

LateR's handmade juggling goods. They are cool and cute.

PM Juggling was like this.

The transparent rings were surprisingly well received by everyone.

Hanapon's report (note) also mentions it!

"Jugtora" by Torayoshi!

At the exhibition booth, I met Mr. Atami, who is going to EJC again this year.

The exhibition booths are actually the hottest place for exhibitors to interact with each other.

With Kizoharu of Kizoha Kobo. Hanapon took this picture.

WJD in Kyoto focuses on the theme of various relationships with juggling, and is dedicated to the exhibition of manufacturing.

In the exhibition hall, we were exposed to many more experimental items than at JJF.

There is an overall relaxed atmosphere that sheds light on the cultural aspects of juggling, and I feel that this is a comfortable event for adult jugglers who are not students.

It was a great match with the my PM Juggling activities, and I would definitely like to come back next year!

I wrote a summary sentence, but went to the practice site!

The venue was a moderate size, about the size of a community practice session, with a quick look at the number of people in the room, about 20 to 30.

I got the impression that about half of them were working people. The atmosphere is relaxed and not too busy.

I think the charm of WJD Kyoto is that it is moderately compact and allows for proper interaction without being overwhelming.

Kizoharu practicing his bounce juggling.

Masayan, a plate spinning master, spinning handmade paper plates.

This looks good for children!

Mr. Miyata, the event organizer.

He is active in many fields, such as the representative of "Juggling Unit Fratres" in Kansai and a cast member of "GEAR".

He followed up with us in detail for our participation in this year's exhibition.

Thank you very much!

The official video of the event is also available.

It was a very cozy WJD in Kyoto, embodying the charm of today's diverse juggling culture, while Miyata-san's gentle personality and passion for juggling seemed to envelop the audience.

(Daigo / PM Juggling)
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