Meeting with "Tsutsuken"

New Year's Eve 2023.

I met with Mr. Shimizu, the representative and inventor of "Tsutsuken"


Mr. Shimizu asked me about the ball beforehand, and since he was coming to Tokyo from Nagano just in time, I was able to meet him on short notice.

From the time we first contacted each other, to the exchange of props, to the prototyping of the props, to the actual meeting, it was only 5 days.



At a restaurant in Tokyo, we spread out our props and exchanged opinions.

It was supposed to be an opportunity for me to propose the ball, but I ended up learning a lot by listening to how to make it as a product and how to spread it recreationally.

Above all, it was stimulating to be exposed to Mr. Shimizu's vitality! 



After the restaurant, we interacted again while actually using the props in the park.

While being taught the basics of Tsuzuken, participants will explore the compatibility of PM with balls and the possibilities from juggling.

What impressed me was the use of "tubes" and "balls" as recreational items.

Tsutsuken is interesting enough to be used as a kendama, but it also approaches the fundamental pleasure of physical movement by creating various rules of "play" by setting up a tube on the ground or placing balls on it.

It is wonderful because it can be enjoyed by everyone from children to the elderly...



The simple prop of a tube and a ball makes it fun to come up with various ways to play with it.

Tsutsuken, too well made!


I thought it was a good match for juggling and I hope we can continue to interact with each other for a long time to come.

Thank you very much, Mr. Shimizu!


▼Tsutsuken official web site▼


Incidentally, Mr. Shimizu then went to a TV show and played kendama on one of Japan's most popular singing shows.

I have to emulate his energy and action...


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