"PM mini" and the evolution of props

"PM mini" ball for beginners launched in April...

Thanks to your support, it has been well received!

We produced this ball for people who are just starting out in juggling, but we are happy to see that the response from core jugglers has been better than expected.

Although the price of this ball is kept low at 660 yen, its specifications make it as usable as the PM Ball Pro and PM Soft Russian Ball, which cost about 2,000 yen.

So why is the price so low...?

There are two major reasons.

One is the use of ready-made shells rather than special shells adjusted for juggling.

Another reason is that its shell is not too soft, so it is easy to store in stock and does not need to be that sensitive to temperature and humidity (= easy to produce) when it is made.

Having experience in making many balls that are filled with something inside the stage ball, we were able to meet with a new shell, find the right balance of filling, and create it with the appropriate production method.

In that sense, I believe it is an evolved version of PM Ball Pro and PM Soft Russian Ball.

It was again a learning ball for the PMs to see that sometimes costs are necessary for the evolution of props, but conversely, evolution can also lower costs.

PM mini will be a perfect fit for some, while others will appreciate the renewed comfort and attention to detail of PM Ball Pro and PM Soft Russian Ball.

It's called juggling props in the right place at the right time,

I hope to deepen my experience in both juggling and prop making, and hope to be able to offer something even better.

(Daigo / PM Juggling)
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