【PM LABO】Clear Russian Ball #01

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These translucent Russian balls are good for light play.

It is made of the same thin stage ball type shell as the PM Russian Ball and has glass beads inside.

It has a more Russian feel than the PM Russian Balls, which contain highly fluid birdseed (grain). It is closer to the feel of a typical Russian ball.

It's adjusted to balance just barely enough to allow for a roll, so it's more than your average Russian ball. All-round juggling is possible.

This is a stage ball type shell, so it is not very suitable for throwing numbers juggling such as 7 balls. You will feel the balls bouncing off each other when you catch them.

They are suitable for all-round juggling with 3 to 5 balls.


When used outdoors in the sunshine, the beads inside illuminate beautifully. The translucent texture blends in well with the natural landscape.

This is a stage ball type shell, so if you get dirty, you can wash the whole thing in water. There is almost no risk of crushing or breaking, which is common with Russian balls.

This is a fun Russian ball with an unprecedented look and balance. We would be happy if you could easily take it out and enjoy it.

【Product Details】
Filling:Glass beads

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