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Special plate designed by Masayan

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In recent spinning plates, there is only an inexpensive entry model and there is no choice, the experts put weight on the outer circumference part and used it with balanced. We want to break through the current situation and open up a new world of spinning plates. Masayan who thought so, from the perspective of Juggling, designed the ideal plate from scratch. In addition to not only making it easier for traditional skills to do dramatically, we also produced a plate that enables new techniques and ideas that have never existed before.




Because there is a rim (thick border) on the outer circumference, it has a high sense of stability and rotation continues. Also, a small dimple (hole) is placed in the center of the plate surface. By making a hole not only on the back side but also on the front side, we made it possible to carry out techniques that were not found in past plates such as placing sticks and putting fingers. Compared to past spinning plates, the material is firmer, thicker solid plastic material, enhancing the stability of the technique. Also, by making it slightly flexible, it is also resistant to shock at falling. The smooth matte texture has a sense of luxury, comfortable to want to touch for a long time. We value the simple impression as a plate, and all the ideas are realized with beautiful integral molding.

Patent pending

Patent pending



In spring of 2015, We got consultation on original plate production from Masayan. Those that require design and manufacture from a mold like a spinning plate are difficult to realize with individual power. PM Juggling is active at Wako city, Japan, and there is a model maker Watanabe model makers. We consulted with president Watanabe. Watanabe also sympathized with Masayan’s thought and started making dream plate.

Tatsuyuki Watanabe

Tatsuyuki Watanabe

Production is not easy. Even on a plate as per the ideal design drawing, if we actually try to juggle in the form, it may be different from the image. Juggling props are very delicate, with a feeling of use varying by 1mm, several grams. Under Mr. Watanabe’s advice, Masayan himself repeatedly designs and optimizes the size and angle of all places for Juggling. Furthermore, we will pursue the hardness and texture of the material even after the shape has been decided.


Passion of Masayan for ideal plate and Watanabe model maker’s effort, over a year or more we finally finished one piece of a dream. Masayan who caused a revolution in spinning plate will revolutionize props and open up possibilities for further spinning plate juggling. INNE is a piece that gathered passion for spinning plates.


INNE has the possibility of still unknown. It is also an attractive prop for jugglers who have never done spinning plates. We would be happy if you pick it up and feel the excitement.

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