Natural Juggling Props

PM Juggling aims to
make juggling closer to daily life.
Natural as everyday objects and books.
Natural as clothes.
Natural juggling props that
you want to recommend to your friends and family.
We make such props by hand,
designed for your body.
Our life may be more delightful
if juggling gets closer to us.


Daigo Itatsu – Owner

Daigo Itatsu was born in 1983. Since his childhood, he has played with various skill toys such as Kendama and Yoyo, finally to find toss juggling in 1998. After graduating from university, being inspired by pizza spinning performance he saw on TV, he founded online pizza spinning rubber retail store “PIZZAMAWASHI.COM”, and was committed to spread pizza spinning in Japan. Some years later, he decided to put more emphasis on juggling, and founded a juggling project “PM Juggling” in 2014. PM Juggling aims to make props and to plan projects, precisely able to be done by an individual.


Naoya Aoki – Overseas communications

Naoya Aoki was born in 1991. Since 2012, he has visited more than 15 countries for juggling events. Once he flied to South Korea on the same day as he came back from Holland, once he spent a few weeks as a manager at a hostel in Singapore, and once in 2018, he kept hopping from a generous juggler friends’ place to another, having cheap noodles, to spend almost no money for bed and stayed for a month and a half in Europe. All for juggling events. He is “Japanese Juggling Magazine : PONTE” Chief Editor since 2014. Since October 2018, he has been helping to promote PM Juggling projects to wider audiences including overseas. 


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